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Sonalika was a special variety of wheat seed that was responsible for ushering green revolution in India. The brand logo depicts a rising sun and a growing crop. The yellow colour of rising sun symbolizes cheerfulness and good health. The green crop symbolizes fertility, growth and harmony, that our brand aims to spread around the world. The blue signifies stability, power, elegance and formality which Sonalika aims to bring in farmer's life. The color red signifies strength, and has been used to depict our product strength.

It depends on the vision one looks at the logo. It can also be seen as the yellow gear symbolizing togetherness and collective growth. We at Sonalika believe in taking our partners along in terms of aggrandizement and prosperity.

Sonalika 110   HP - 110

Sonalika 110 is perfect combination of power and profitability . It is especially designed for appli

Sonalika WT-90    HP - 90

Sonalika WT 90 is designed to deliver full potential on huge farms with great power and strength.

DI-75 RX   HP - 75

Sonalika DI 75 RX is equipped for heavy duty applications that involves mowing, cultivation, sprayin

Sonalika Worldtrac 75   HP - 75

Sonalika WT 75 has been designed to tackle wide range of agricultural, forestry, industrial and muni

Sonalika 75N   HP - 75

A perfect addition to the Narrow tractor series of Sonalika tractor, is the new Sonalika 75N. The tr

DI-60 Rx   HP - 60

Sonalika DI 60 Rx is all purpose tractor. It is robust, fuel efficient and gives optimum performance

DI-50 RX   HP - 50

Sonalika DI 50 Rx has proven itself in countless applications on thousands of acre land

DI-47 Rx   HP - 50

Known for their simple to use controls and reliable performance.

DI 45 Rx   HP - 42

Sonalika DI 45 is mid size tractors but heavy on performance

DI-42 Rx   HP - 42

Known for their simple to use controls and reliable performance.

DI-35 RX   HP - 35

DI-35 RX is tough , reliable and fuel efficient.

DI 30 Baagban   HP - 30

Baagban is specially designed to perform light farm and lawn tasks

Gardentrac 26   HP - 26

With the overall length similar to any garden tractor, the new Sonalika 26 is easy to drive and smoo

Gardentrac 20   HP - 20

GT 20 is never short of power and can work with full range of implements.
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Subject: Introduction of 'SONALIKA' Brand Tractors, Farm Implements and 'Kirloskar Green' Brand Diesel Generators, Pumps and Engines. Represented by WAATCO in Ghana as Sole Distributor with Showroom, Service Centre, Spare-parts Depot, Training Centre at Accra, Kumasi and Tamale.

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