Tafe Tractor

Technical Specification

Type Crawler type
Engine Power (HP) 60
Transmission Hydrostatic Transmission
Travel Speed (kmph) 8.5 (max)
Rubber Track Size (mm) 450 (l) x 90 (w) x 55 (h)
Cutter-Bar Width 2100 mm / 6.5 feet
Reel Pick-up Type
Thresher Tangential Axial Flow Type
Secondary Cleaning Axial Flow Type
Blower Air Flow Control Adjustable Shutter Type
Grain Tank Capacity (kg) 700
Vehicle Weight With out Grains (kg) 3700
Overall Size (mm) 5380 (l) x 2500 (w) x 2905 (h)
Cabin Air-Conditioned
Grain Loss Less than 1%

HarvesTrac 8060

60 hp

Best suited for harvesting paddy in wet and slushy conditions, saves time and labor and better productivity - Can harvest with an efficiency of one acre per hour